Roman Brides

This is a film photo taken in Italy in the mid nineties while on a one month excursion. Italian design and their intrinsic ability to blend the ancient with the new was a constant state of entertainment and pleasure for me. The lemons were just ripening in the trees in January in Rome.


   this was taken through a window  with some refracted lighting, hence the somewhat  out of focus image

   The concept of fresh lemons and window screen (spring summer symbolism)  tying to the  coming  wedding season was quite clever.

La Nina

  As a youth I was an intrepid traveler. Often times lighting out without a cent in my pocket. An army jacket,tennis shoes and a sleepingbag,and of course my thumb. It was not uncommon for me to ‘sing for my supper’ in a mission, a drunk on each arm. Mexico was a favorite destination for me . In   1973 I was traveling in the mountains near Tepic  on a second class bus, the only way in to Barre de Navidad (Christmas Reef) . Here I found this young lady ,fascinated with a ‘not seen often’ Gringo with a funny looking device  in his hands.  She was quite obliging of the moment,   all the while her mother keeping a close eye on the proceedings , not wanting to seem   to concerned.. This is not a sepia filtered. It is the original light inside the bus.

  Before the trip I had purchased an ‘antique’ 35 mm  camera at a junk shop for 5 dollars.Probably made in the 40’s I would say. It was ‘semi-automatic’  probably  one of the earliest of its kind. I bought some film for it and took it along to record my adventure.  I really didn’t know how to use it.  In ‘automatic ‘mode you had to adjust the f-stops So I cut the flap off the film box and taped it to the back of the camera. 

 The flap had  a coded  diagram that inluded a sun,a cloud over the sun, a moon..etc…etc,  this is how I new how to set the exposure for the shots.

  I scanned this in a professional  scanner at 400 dpi.and pp in CS3.



Fish Sticks


In the shape of a submarine
frost lengthens on a window.
Outside, winter sparrows perch
in rhinoceros-colored trees.
Mare’s tails chase whitely
past brick chimneys.
I have seen those lights before,
small rectangular eyes
of far buildings, one church
steeple darkening the blue sky.

The Four Seasons

by Henry Carlile