The Spirit of Halloween

I went to peddle my wares at a historic [near forty year]   festival in Tonasket Washington State, located 13 miles      outside of “town” in a high desert area.  Kinda  a cross between Burning Man and  a Grateful Dead concert without  the Grateful Dead.  Sleep was hard to come by as the revelry stretched till dawn most days.

Lonely Girl

‘While driving I spotted a burned down building. Morbid curiosity got the best of me so I stopped to see,camera in hand. All about the lawn area were strewn remants of the former inhabitants lives.Most were collected in cardboard boxes organized by hasty retreat. Here I found the lonely girl in her damp carton…waiting.’

DeadPool: Super Hero

While traveling in eastern Washington state USA I came across a bonified ‘Super Hero’
in a parking lot at a local target store in Wenatchee Wa.A more earnest and accessible superhero I’ve yet to find. He graciously took some time out from fighting crime and such to pose for me.