5 thoughts on “Friend of the Artist

  1. I can identify with that. In every portrait of me where I’m relaxed, I look mad. He looks like he’s watching everything closely. Your portrait is very good.

  2. What a powerful photo, powerful presence he has. Someone might mistake his countenance as harsh, but I didn’t see that. I saw someone who seemed very much his own person. Someone not easily impressed with what other people think of him. Someone with a strong sense of self independent of the what the world thinks. I guess because it is rare that people make such direct and sustained eye contact. There is nothing flinching in his gaze. I’ve seen kids look at me like this and they are just totally fearless and unafraid to look me in the eye. I love that. I also sense a very self-contained energy about him. A bit like a rock. Solid. So in light of that I also sense he is at peace with himself in some ways. I could be way off here, but he just looks solid. I don’t think too many people would pull the wool over his eyes. Very dynamic photo eddie. Thanks and hugs, Robin 🙂

  3. Glad you wrote “mellow” cos the words “Hannibal Lecter” had sprung to mind! But he’s an artist so that direct, serious look is allowed (but I’m not volunteeering as a nude model just in case!)

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