Frozen Dreams

Is it a face or bouquet of flowers
there on the threshold?
In the evening the smooth sound
of that imaginary flute throws everything
into confusion:
people’s voices, cars,
bewitched spirits in the dusk.
The eye goes from window to window:
Behold the leaves and birds,
Behold the lurching trains,
the sounds of the siren, the murmuring,
the frozen dreams in one’s hands


  author: Rikardo Arregi Diaz de Heredia


    title: Frozen Dreams

5 thoughts on “Frozen Dreams

  1. Whoa! This is startling! I’ve been cruising through your photos and love them all eddie, but this was like a fist the reached right out through the screen, grabbed my shirt front and said, “STOP! Look at ME, I am a force of Nature.” The rock is filled with such powerful magnetism. I love rocks to begin with, but this is filled with rich texture, color and force. And then to have the snowy bushes and grass at the top in such stark relief just add to the sense of complete confidence or power. Like when something is not only empowered but it KNOWS it’s empowered. I think rock cliffs and even desert rocks here in New Mexico have phenomenal power and energy. I love to be with them.
    Thank you so much eddie!

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