To Dust

Seen on a recent trip to Lummi Island,on the sprawling grounds of  of her studio/estate. Lummi Island is one of the northern most of the  377  ‘San Juan Islands’,in the strait of Juan de Fuca 

4 thoughts on “To Dust

  1. Hi Dear eddie. It’s me again. I’ve been looking through sooooooooo many of your amazing photos today. I could comment on them all if I wasn’t working. They are ALL so delicious.
    This photo oddly did not scare of distress or disgust me. I found it peaceful and even beautiful. I would not mind dying with and within an old tree. I found it very meaningful on many levels. We are the tree and the tree is us. And both tree and human eventually return to the earth.

  2. A very interesting photograph. I’m assuming it is a piece of modern art in a natural setting? If so, that’s the kind of modern art I can appreciate – very cleverly done and meaningful.

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