Hughy, Dewey and Louie

Funny Strange

by Jennifer Michael Hecht

We are tender and our lives are sweet

and they are already over and we are
visiting them in some kind of endless
reprieve from oblivion, we are walking
around in them and after we shatter
with love for everything we settle in.

Thou tiger on television chowing,
thou very fact of dreams, thou majestical
roof fretted with golden fire. Thou wisdom
of the inner parts. Thou tintinnabulation.

Is it not sweet to hand over the ocean's
harvest in a single wave of fish? To bounce
a vineyard of grapes from one's apron
and into the mouth of the crowd? To scoop up
bread and offer up one's armful to the throng?
Let us live as if we were still among

the living, let our days be patterned after
theirs. Is it not marvelous to be forgetful?

7 thoughts on “Hughy, Dewey and Louie

  1. As with everything it is and is not “marvelous to be forgetful” Huey, Dewey and Louie bring on nostalgia induced by memory. Your collection (I presume) lovingly set down, cords off the ground – these lovely techno relics are cared for. Nice shot…

  2. Your title made me laugh and brought back wonderful memories. I wouldn’t want a monitor like these, but it made a great image:-) Thinking about it now, it hasn’t really been that long since those monitors were in use.

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