2 thoughts on “Reflections of A Golden Eye

  1. The sprawling mass of tangled words that seem to blight so many of our landmarks worldwide these days. Nicely captured, with the teasing gold, Eddie. In the UK, graffiti and personal monikers are daubed on anything and everything that does not move, and yet it is not the new fad or indication of social unrest that our press would have us believe.
    Such vandalism dates back to the Incas and Egyptions, and even my late father in law when fighting in North Africa, ended up on the homeward journey carving his name on the paw of the Sphinx in Giza, before arriving in Italy as Rome fell.
    Your wonderful houseboat and a view of the teahouse made it into my book, Eddie, and whenever people see it they say just how idyllic it is. Still a precious moment for the four of us, and meeting you was a real privilege.

  2. I looked at your camera info on this one because I like the softness and brilliance of color. I’m always impressed with the results of an Olympus. (of course the photographer has to be good too:-)

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