And We Have Come To This

 How can we keep love alive, 

How can anything survive, 
When these little minds tear you in two? 
What a town without pity can do. 

No, it isn’t very pretty, 
What a town without pity can do. 

           Gene Pitney    (  song excerpt)  ‘A Town without Pity’   1961

2 thoughts on “And We Have Come To This

  1. My dear friend, Been looking through these photos and just loving being here as always. But this photo and the poem just brought me to a standstill.
    I’ve no idea how you are intending this, and it is a powerfully dynamic photo in terms of light, angles, round and square….BUT it did something profound for me and brought tears to my eyes. Believe it or not I sat here with tears on my face.
    Yes, have we come to this? The steel gray buildings implacable, unyielding, uniform gray, uniform structure, uniform angles, not a hair out of place, gray sky and not a sign of Life….except the one tree in the bottom right corner…a reminder of Earth and Soil and organic past raw emotion, a reminder of individuality, diversity and uncontrollable Life.
    I know I may read too much into your photos, but I can’t help it. That is just what slammed into me when I was scrolling through these photos. This one is more powerful than some might imagine.
    It gripped me with deep despair, sadness, a loss, a profound longing for all things green and earthy. For me it is far beyond a truly remarkable photo. It’s a warning that asks, “Is this what we want? Is this who we have become?” If we let it, it jars us into awakening.
    Phew!! I am glad I came here today. Thank you for “seeing” and sharing what you see with a message in each photo. It is a gift on many levels that you give the world. I am impressed as always. Hugging you, Robin

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