4 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. Hi Dear eddie,
    Been looking through so much that I’ve missed here and I keep coming back to this one. I love that it is almost B&W and yet not. Not only is it a remarkable scene of great peace, but it so well composed.
    The thing the just grips me is the line of light reflected on the water, which is separating the reflection from the land. Or the water from the land. I’ve seen a lot of reflections, but I have NEVER seen one with that line in it. And yet growing up on the water I HAVE seen that line in real life.
    I was ALWAYS drawn to that white line; it would make look at the scene and the physical and nonphysical (reflection) as ALL an illusion. That really nothing was physical at all. It was all energy arranging itself in infinite patterns of light and color. I know that may sound so weird as I am not explaining it well at ALL.
    Suffice to say this is a photo that alters my whole perception of what is real. I LOVE that.
    Sending you a hug and hope all is going well. Your friend, Robin 🙂

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