The Red Pump


 The Red Pump


 Lightning rumbles through this afternoon’s dream,

  the day’s end crawls forward into

 gauzy pink and grey.


  Awake?  Asleep?

  Mist envelopes a patchwork of white bands

  And yellow stripes


 A wet rooster prowls this gritty asphalt

 nearby red pumps primed and ready

  to leave you flush for a price

  and  so it seems more the nightmare



   For in  a dream there is peace  until dawn,

   yet all dreams  end.

   Tommorow at daylight,  when  the cock crows

   the war begins anew.


   author:   e mchugh


5 thoughts on “The Red Pump

  1. This is something I haven’t seen very often! Very nice catch. Beautiful rooster. How come in VFXY this is called “A Rooster with Gas” which I found more than amusing and here it’s called “The Red Pump”? Though perhaps less eloquent, I’m voting for that first title. Really fun shot!

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