For this day’s game was notably not to be;
Today was not for the King’s move or mine,
But for the Bishop’s; and the board is empty.
The words that I have waited for more days
Than are to now my tallage of gray hairs              
Have come at last, and at last you are free.
So, for a time, there will be no more war;
And you are going home to Camelot.”
“To Camelot?”…
  “To Camelot.” But his words              
Were said for no queen’s hearing. In his arms
He caught her when she fell; and in his arms
He carried her away. The word of Rome
Was in the rain. There was no other sound.


                                                                 VI  Lancelot [excerpt]

                                                                 author: Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869–1935).  Collected Poems. 1921.



8 thoughts on “Checkmate

  1. And, this would be the smoking area in Camelot?
    Love this shot! The simplicty of the composition really highlights the colors, textures and the ‘bishop’. An excellent title and quote for this.

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