Over Under Sideways Down

Shapes of things before my eyes,
Just teach me to despise.
Will time make men more wise?
Here within my lonely frame,
my eyes just heard my brain.
But will it seem the same?

(Come Tomorrow) Will I be older?
(Come Tomorrow) May be a soldier.
(Come Tomorrow) May I be bolder than today?

Now the trees are almost green.
But will they still be seen?
When time and tide have been.
Fall into your passing hands.
Please don’t destroy these lands.
Don’t make them desert sands.

Soon I hope that I will find,
Thoughts deep within my mind.
That won’t displace my kind.


  The Yardbirds (makes me glad I am  a’boomer’)

5 thoughts on “Over Under Sideways Down

  1. I find this photo striking. I think it is the contrasts. The white soft snow and the metal “jungle gym (Jim?)” (that’s what we called them as kids. LOL! And the contrast between the white and red. And yet, the curved lines of the metal along with it’s long legs add an elegance the intrgues me. I ALSO love how all the snow that was on the “junlge gym” has slipped off and left a curved pattern on the ground beneath. The dark trees somehow tie it all together and the coulds are to die for. There is also an element of whimsy here that I enjoy. Who would have thought to photograph a “jungle gym”? ….hmm….eddie would have!!! LOL!! 🙂

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