12 thoughts on “A Restful Holiday to All

  1. I’ve looked at this photo for 15 minutes!!! That’s right fifteen minutes, because I can’t quite figure out ALL of what I’m feeling.
    On first glance I found the colors delightful, the lighting warm, the shadow/light patterns delightful. On second glance I wanted to laugh or giggle and I’n not sure why. But just writing this now and taking my third glance…well, much more than a glance, I noticed how everything is exactly symetrical. They light patterns, the lamps on the same right hand side of the tables, the three white pillows with the little orange one almost dead center on the middle white pillow, and the sheets all tucked neatly….and that created a delightful happy feeling in me. I have no idea why, but it tickled me no end. The whole photo just seems “happy” and inviting in a friendly carefree way…and YET everything is so orderly, which one doesn’t always associate with carefree. Like the bed (although wonderfully elegant in color, etc.) was mocking in a fun, playful way. I know that sounds silly but I am sitting here grinning. Like the bed said, “I’ll be REALLY elegant but I’ll make EVERYTHING totally centered and see if anyone notices.” That orange pillow dead center just makes my laugh and feel happy.
    Please forgive my ramblings but your photos do this to me!! LOL!! 🙂

  2. My wife, with typical female ways and style, pays great attention to the beds in our house, making them perfectly and ensuring that colours match, pillows nestle at the right angle and the throws compliment the ambience of each room. As you open the door, it feels like walking into the bedroom display at ‘The Bay’.
    Me, being a typical man, launches myself towards the beds like a torpedo making a glad exit from the bowels of a submarine. It’s a man thing I guess!
    A very cosy looking nest, there Eddie. Love the symmetry of the lighting

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