23 thoughts on “Farmhouse,Skagit City Rd., Mt. Vernon Wa. USA

  1. what a beautiful rural scene, beautifully captured in B&W, I am a country boy at heart stuck living in the city, beautiful captures like this remind me of where I want to be

  2. Gosh eddie, this took me back to the endless summers of my childhood. It brought up an immediate longing of something past and poignant. I remember playing outside with all the neighborhood kids until 9:30 pm. it was in Maine so it stayed light really late. I loved the long stretched blue shadows and the lifting of warm air replace by the settling of cool air. I can remember the grass beneath my barefeet and the smell of freshly cut. I can hear the robins singing and peepers, crickets and owls as dusk settled in.
    I realize this photo may be a sunrise, but nonetheless it reminded me of those long ago summers that seeped into my bones and became part of who I am today.
    The bare tree branches alone make me want to weep from their beauty.
    I didn’t see any dead leaves on the tree or ground and thought they either raked them already and it’s fall or the leaves decayed into the ground and it’s spring. But then there are fresh lawnmower marks on the grass so I thought it might be fall.
    This is so stunningly beautiful; I really want to walk right into the photo.
    Thank you again for “seeing”, eddie. You really see the world in a way differnt from most. Your friend, Robin

  3. I just saw the Nov. date on this photo, not sure if that’s when you took it or if that is the post date….so maybe it is fall?? 🙂
    You photos bring out the curious in me as well as slow me right down. I’m captivated. I like that.

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