6 thoughts on “Mother Maize

  1. The lighting in this photo is surreal, just astounding! I’ve seen it here in the southwest like that, right before a storm when the sun is still out, but the sky is going deep purple-gray. The colors in the photo are edible; they’re so delicious.
    It’s also an amazing contrast in textures and shapes. The angular spear-shaped corn and whispy soft clouds and rounded mountains. It is incredible.
    Isn’t it amazing that something so simple as corn against the sky could come out loooking like this when…YOU photograph it. (Robin chuckles).
    I also love how this type of late afternoon or early morning light makes everything glow. That’s my favorite time to photograph.
    You’re are very gifted! I am glad you see the world like this. That’s heartening. I know you know what I mean. Hugs, Robin

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