8 thoughts on “Time of the Gypsies

  1. Wow, whoever created this amazing work of art is definitely an individual and unafraid of being so. I like that. We live in a world where EVERYTHING is put into a uniform, a structure, stripped of soul and squeezed into a mold…until it looks like everything else out there. This is almost from an extinct world. A world where people dared to be themselves, dared to express themselves, dared to be unique. Or put this way, unique individuals are becoming as extinct as wildlife. Someone put a LOT of work into painting this. I love the depth perception thing going on here…it’s very creative. It drives down the road and says: “I’m ALIVE!!! And you ain’t stoppin’ me!” LOL I just love it. Also note: all around this wonderful creation is drab, the “normal” end of the truck, the boat and white standard building behind the boat and then the house and end of a car on the other side of the picture. All around it speaks of uniform, molded life, dead, robotic…and then along comes LIIIIIVELY LUCY!!! LOL LOL

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