5 thoughts on “So Hit Me

  1. I laughed out LOUD over this picture. The title is so delightful. I thought, “Okay, do your WORST!!” LOL OR “Nobody is hittin’ me by George!”
    All I could think of was that once a driver’s headlights hit this post it would light up like a Christmas tree totally confusing the poor drive who would then proceed to hit the post because he/she was so momentarily disoriented from all the reflectors. LOLOLOL
    It also made me think, “Geez, why don’t they just paint a bullseye on the side of the house? LOL
    Aaah, this was delightful. I’m laughing my face off. I needed a laugh this morning.
    The other interesting thing about this photo is that it’s total eye candy: the bright green grass and then the red, blue and orange against the white house siding is excellent! Thanks!! 🙂

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