Brain Chops

The Preface

by Philip Whalen

A continuous fabric (nerve movie?) exactly as wide as these lines—
"continuous" within a certain time-limit, say a few hours of total
attention and pleasure: to move smoothly past the reader's eyes,
across his brain: the moving sheet has shaped holes in it which
trip the synapse finger-levers of reader's brain causing great sections
of his nervous system—distant galaxies hitherto unsuspected (now
added to International Galactic Catalog)—to LIGHT UP. Bring
out new masses, maps old happy memory.

5 thoughts on “Brain Chops

  1. This picture I found VERY intriguing. I kept seeing the the gray window, the straight gray lines on the side of the window almost like orderly composed Greek columns and the very neatly, fine lined orderly face, and the brain mapping, again fine lined and orderly with its little numbers….and all in gray. And my eyes kept going back to the DISORDERLY GREEN plant that branches in profusion in every direction, and then it hit me…THAT is the point. The plant makes this photo come to life. It rebels against an often too orderly and too gray of a world. Without it there is no photo. At least not a dynamic one like this. What an amazing eye you have.
    I was just looking at your galleries. Your portrait photos are so unique; I found them fascinating and very emotional. They show a side of human nature usually not captured in portraiture.

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