Got Milk?

Eden, Then and Now
by Ruth Stone
In ’29 before the dust storms
sandblasted Indianapolis,
we believed in the milk company.
Milk came in glass bottles.
We spread dye-colored butter,
now connected to cancer.
We worked seven to seven
with no overtime pay;
pledged allegiance every day,
pitied the starving Armenians.
One morning in the midst of plenty,
there were folks out of context,
who were living on nothing.
Some slept in shacks
on the banks of the river.
This phenomenon investors said
would pass away.
My father worked for the daily paper.
He was a union printer;
lead slugs and blue smoke.
He worked with hot lead
at a two-ton machine,
in a low-slung seat;
a green-billed cap
pulled low on his forehead.
He gave my mother a dollar a day.
You could say we were rich.
This was the Jazz Age.

6 thoughts on “Got Milk?

  1. Remindz me of an old TV show in the 60’s that was sponsored by some Dairy* U got a chance to Win all these amazing Game + Toy Prizes*
    Kinda like wheeling a Shopping Cart thru Toys R Us + being able to fill it with as much as U could in a Minute!!

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