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The 4TH, Methow,Washington,USA Untitled There is Order in the Universe Flea Away Elements The End Take the Skinheads Bowling Indian Angel Hooked Birch Trees untitled Wild Horses Untitled North Fork Skagit River 7.13.10 Days Go By The Beat Goes On Burned on the 4th of July Grads Balky Hill Road Balsam Flowers Moo California License Plate? All Dressed Up and No Place to Go All Dressed Up and No Place to Go Library Car of the People Palouse Eastern Washington  State Seadog [Manatee mural] Almira Washington State The Spirit of Halloween Birds n Boats Washington Kite Festival   Evening prelude to the 4th An Apple into Spring You've Got Mail II Entropia Seattle Morning Pickin no Grinnin' Spectacles Waitng for Godot Alfred & Martin Diamond in the Rough Lie Beautiful Individual That Can't Handle Anything Death in the Valley The Tiny Town St. Francis and the Farmer