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Untitled Birch Trees Days Go By Two Lane Black Top, Gerlach Nevada Twilight Snow No Name Slough,Padillia Bay Washington State,USA Home Alone Black and White All Over Silver River Waterland And They Breathe Man at Work Always a Happy Day Wreckage Zero Feed Mill, Conway,Wa. This Old House Tom Robbins Friend of the Artist Soldiers The Pig War Snow Geese,Fir Island,Washington State USA Madrona Perfect Storm Withering Heights Farmhouse,Skagit City Rd., Mt. Vernon Wa. USA Proud Shell Station,Gerlach Nevada USA Burnin' Down the House The Bride Ted's Place,Paisley Oregon,USA Victory Sort Of Out of Gas You Talkin' To Me? Dolly Llama Perpendicular to the Earth The Prince Of Wales Taco Weed English Camp,San Juan Island,Washington State,USA At the Party